FreeCAD is available on multiple platforms and it is suggested that you have a look at their download wiki for more information relevant to your system. Both the FEM and CFD workbenches are actively being developed using the latest development version of the software and to get access to the latest features it is necessary to install the latest release or prerelease version.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

The CFD workbench can be installed using the add-on manager in FreeCAD. As the workbench is fully developed in Python, you do not have to compile any libraries. However, it will only work with version 0.18 or later of FreeCAD. Dependencies can be checked and installed using the CFD preferences page once the workbench has been installed.

You are urged to consult the Readme for full details of installation procedures and dependency installation in Linux and Windows. The developers would like to thank Eskom for their financial contribution to this project.

Finite Element Analysis

As of version 0.17 an extensive amount of functionality has been added to the FEM workbench packaged in the main FreeCAD distribution, ranging from static to coupled thermal-mechanical analysis. For the latest FEM development, binaries can be downloaded from here.